What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a kind of television series that started far back as 1962, from the onset, it was focused on being educational but it later became a brilliant series, where a so-called doctor will have to traveling space and time, to correct or do something in the past. The medium of travel is called the Police box, according to the movie and the cast that played the first doctor used was William Hartnel. The first doctor was a man that travelled more than 100,000 years back, in order to help the then cavemen come to know what fire is. The first show of this movie was in white and black and it was theme tune and title sequence that made it a success. In today’s world, the theme tune and title sequences are still the original used, but has been aided over the years with the latest visual and audio technology.

In 1965, when the movie was still in production, the producer (Verity Lambert) that started the whole thing was replaced by another called John Wiles. It actually became a big problem, because the new producer was not getting along with the doctor William Hartnel. This problem escalated when the first doctor had a medical condition called arteriosclerosis, because he could no longer remember his lines during the production of the movie. Discussions were made and decisions were taken that William Hartnel should leave due to the fact that he could no longer continue. This is the main reason he is still referred to as the first doctor today. Doctor Who DVD has been on sale for quite a while now and people have been seen to possess them at home, as they purchase them. Though, many of these DVDs are dubbed versions of Doctor Who 2005, by law, dubbing is a punishable offence and should not be encouraged.