US stock market report: Share Trading Has Become a Popular Habit

US stock market report is one of the important news for print as well as electronic media. It publishes on a daily basis. There are many people who follow this kind of notice on a regular basis. Some people have made it a habit. On the other hand, it is only some bunch of figures for many people.  In this article detailed will be discussed. 

How to define a stock table in the stock market report?

The stock table gives information about stock market reporting.  A stock table involves various columns. The details are as follows:

·         Columns 1 & 2: The columns include the number of weeks of trading like 52 weeks. It normally does not show typical previous day trading. It shows the highest and the lowest prices; the stocks are being traded.

·         Column 3: It includes the company name and the type of stock.  The symbols indicate the type of stocks like common stock and preferred stock.

·         Column 4: It includes the ticker symbols which have been discussed earlier.

·         Column 5: It includes the dividend amount payment.

·         Column 6: This column in stock market reports includes percentage return on dividend per share.

·         Column 7:  It shows the ratio of price and earning. Generally, it is calculated for last one year.

·         Column 8: It indicates the total number of shares that are traded in one day that means the trade volume.

·         Column 9 & 10: It indicates the maximum and minimum price for the share on that day.

·         Column 11: It indicates a close option. It is the last trading price at the time of closing of the market for a particular day.

·         Column 12: It includes a net change that means dollar value change. Net change can be positive or negative.

World’s largest stock market:

American stock market is the world’s largest market for thestock.  It is sometime called Big Board. The stock market report of US is as same as others.