Top strategy of playing Roulette at an online casino

There are many online casino games that are easy to play and can guarantee a player some winnings. Most of these games require that a player uses a certain strategy in order to win the game. However, there is one game that does not require a lot of strategies in order to win it, and that is the Roulette. But in order to win the game, there are still certain things that a player must do in order to increase their chances of winning the game even, in the long run. After you sign up with a online casino dealer and decide to play the Roulette, it is very possible to decrease the house edge by 2.63%. This is a huge percentage that will always make your bankroll healthy.

While most players do not realize it, there are two types of Roulette wheels which include the European Wheel and the American Wheel. Both wheels have a slight difference, but their difference means a huge disparity between house edges of each wheel. A online casino dealer will point out that the difference is that in the American Wheel, an additional number is added. The additional number, double 0, results in 38 spots instead of 37 spots on the European wheel. This additional wheel increases the edge of the house on every bet the player places since there are many ways a player can lose although the payout remains the same.

What this means is that if you want to win the Roulette, always play the European Wheel. This is because the house has an edge of 2.63% on the European Wheel, while an edge of 5.26% on the American Wheel. This shows that the house edge in the American Wheel is actually double the house edge of the European Wheel. It should, however, be noted that, even though, a casino online agent suggests that a player should play the European Wheel its payout is still the same as that of the American Wheel. Click here for more information maxbet