Top athletes and their net value

Many people love to play sports since their childhood. Few are passionate about sports since their childhood and enroll themselves in the sport while a few sports people parents have a dream of making their kids the future sports star. No matter whether it is football, cricket, marathon race, karate or baseball, every game has pro player. If love playing sports, especially athletics and never miss to watch the tournaments that are aired on the television and would love to know the net worth of the famous athletes, then read on article.

The luck athletes who could continue playing their favorite sports not just at their school levels, but at national and international player who have earned huge money and reputation are LeBron James: The net worth of this sports star is USD 425 million. James has spent this childhood with his mother, who is a single parent. It was not a silver spoon life for this champ, but has struggled a lot to become a successful athlete. He got introduced to baseball in his young age, which has driven him to be a part of high school baseball team. He has gained a huge fan base with his unique level of play and has appeared on many famous magazine cover pages. He has continuously won four championships which have earned him a whopping amount. He started endorsing various brands after his name was making rounds across the globe. These endorsements have greatly contributed to his net value. Also, he was ranked as the most influential baseball player in the list released by Forbes.
Magic Johnson: The net worth of this champ is USD 500 million. He is a professional basketball player who has won many accolades for his wonderful play. The passion for the game was seeded in his young age. He has won several championships. He has signed a 10 years contract with Los Angeles Lakers. After his retirement, he started investing in various businesses, especially starbucks and an insurance company, which have contributed to his net worth.