Secretes To Promote Your Mixtape

Well Imagine with me for a sec...after bustin ya ass, spending money on beats, studio time, mixing, etc...to make the greatest mixtape in history and then... NO ONE ENJOYS YOUR MIXTAPE Not because they did not enjoy it, because you could not even get them to listen to your mixtape in the first place and heard it. They've nothing against YOU personally, it's only you do not understand... how to promote your mixtape. ... Well, you could learn how to boost your mixtape simply not how to do it in ways that WORKS. Essentially that really gets individuals to NEED to pay attention to your music. Now this might appear to be common sense to you, but 99.9% of rappers still approach me with their music the incorrect manner.

Just so you understand what NOT to do, heres a rapid scenario of what I get all of the time: Yung Swaggy Fresh:"Download my mixtape(s) im the most popular rapper eva!! I got that chance, I swear!" They leave a link where I could download their mixtape. Me:looks at message with this particular face (o_0) and thinks to self..."you need me to listen to at least 12 of your....lol... BLOW OFF!" It's not like being a a**hole, mostly its because I feel because I do not understand who you are, never heard your music and there is a huge opportunity your wasting my time. Therefore I'm gonna share a small trick when hittin individuals up to attempt to get your music heard. This applies to both internet as well as the world that is real so take notice. STEP 1 -- THE CRACK You would like to pick one tune out of your mixtape, in order to make it as simple as you possibly can for the supporters to join up along with your music.So only Select the BEST tune out of your mixtape, to allow them to hear. (a.k.a the single)The better the tune the much more likely they're to download your mixtape and really listen to it. Now proceed to another step to market mixtape promo