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Know what is going on in your favourite celebrity life daily by just visiting the website On this site one can find all the information on their favourite celebrities like movie star, TV serial star, politicians, musicians and many more. The site aims at developing web pages that lists information about celebrities starting from celebrity’s name, autobiographies or biographies, approximate salaries or net worth. is a website that provides news on the approximate overall assets as well as financial activities of various well famous people or celebrities. The website is controlled by a company called Corte Lodato LLC which is founded in 2008 by Brian Warner who is also the CEO of the company. intends to developing web pages that lists various information about celebrities starting from celebrities name, auto biographies or biographies, their approximate salaries or net worth. The site manages to calculate the rough net worth of a celebrity by applying proprietary algorithm that is based on information which is publically available and also by utilizing financial analyst to estimate such kind of results. Brian Warner who is the present CEO said of their estimates that "If they end up very far off then there is always a chance of some kind of criticism.

There were ample cases like this when they were proved to be off and finally did correct it. The site also provides a list of ranks awarded to the celebrities basing on their wealth. Way back in 2012 the site gathered a list comprising of twenty five rich people in history which include Mansa Musa the king of The Mali kingdom at the top of the list. In 2012 it also creates a list of rich DJ’s in the world and according to the survey Ringo Starr was declared as the richest drummer. click here to get more information