Know all about Ramona Rizzo from Mob Wives

Ramona Rizzo was born on 8 March 1970 in New York City and is half Italian. She is a real Indian TV personality. She is greatly recognized for being in TV show called MOB Wives that is being aired on VH1 channel. She is well recognized as an actress and also because of her association with organized crimes. Ramona Rizzo was raised by her father and her mother. Her grandfather was Benjamin Ruggiero she is a well-known mobster.

She had a very rough childhood as her family was associated with mafia and her families always have to face the problem related to law. She had her schooling from a very expensive private richmondtown preparatory school. During her school times, she got attracted to a bad guy and had to face serious trouble with the law. Ramona Rizzo married life While she was attending her school she met with a man from Arab and soon she married him. After marriage, she moved to Jordon and had four children. Her husband then turned out to be a part of the mob and had a connection from the Middle East. Then she decided to divorce him and had to face great problems. He managed to escape with her children from Jordan with her children’s to the US. After this, she has to face two criminal cases against her as she married a mobster.
After returning home she reunited with her childhood friend Karen Gravano, who listened to all her story and realized that it would be a very great opportunity if she is being cast in a reality show Mob Wives. This show was in aired on VH1 channel and through which she gained great enormous popularity, and this added to her net worth. This is all about Ramona Rizzo From Mob Wives all the struggles faced by her and how she got popular.