Hungry Shark World Tips For Beginners

1) Getting Gems and coins readily

To get Gems and coins, gather the day-to-day bonus, and stop the game (do not leave the program, simply stop the game). Go to settings and change your device's clock forward by one day, and gather it again. Take care as it'll reset your day-to-day bonus improvement, not to set your clock farther ahead than a day! Once the day-to-day bonus is gathered don't forget, placing the date backwards WOn't honor you the day-to-day bonus to get a day that has been already gathered! You'll be able to do exactly the same time using hungry shark world cheats.

2) How do I carry through the Crowd Surfer assignment for Megalodon?

To finish the Crowd Surfer assignment, you need to have 100 shore bystanders (people walking on the land). The island that is most abundant is the island furthest to the right. It's usually difficult to use up because all the bystanders on the map at any given time are less than one hundred 100 bystanders in one go. Due to this, you have to wait for bystanders to re-spawn.

3) How do I get Megalodon?

When you unlock the Hammerhead Shark Megalodon is first suggested. There is a set of fossilised teeth by scrolling to the right of the sharks menu. In order to buy Megalodon, you'll want the Great White Shark at level 10 and 100% (its skills needn't be maxed).

4) How do I destroy a sub?

When you foster its front subs are only able to be be ruined. You've got to be fast, though, in the event that you go too slowly, as it might fire some shots!

5) How do I get baby sharks?

You need to first unlock the shark which you are interested in getting the baby variant of to get baby sharks. Choose it, then press "Next" to go to the accessory store. Before you find the shark you would like to get swipe. Don't forget, just the Baby Reef Shark can be purchased for coins; as unlocking their parents for stone, the remainder cost about half just as much! There are not any baby variations of sharks in the Top Secret Lab; at least.