Different kinds of Vape mods!

When you buy a cigarette, there are choices to it in terms of flavor, color and the percentage of tobacco content being used. Likewise, there are different kinds of Vape mods that are available in the market.

Unlike the actual cigarettes, e-cigarettes are an electronic device that releases aerosol in the form of vapor of different flavors and the best vape mod and box mod is available easily these days in the market. There are different kinds of Vape mods that vary in looks, size and features. Vape mods are considered to be highly efficient based on the Vape Tanks used in them. The amount of aerosol release is totally dependent on the type of Vape tank which the Vape mod is made of.

E-cigarettes look like the normal cigarettes itself but the eGo’s look longer than the cigarettes and has a replaceable liquid tanks. Mods are assembled from the basic components with some changes made to the existing products. Vape mods are also classified based on the generations. The first generation e-cigarette looked similar to the tobacco cigarettes and they are popularly called as cigalikes.

Though they looked similar to the tobacco cigarettes, the first generation e-cigarettes varied in size. The second generation best vape mod and box mod are pretty different in their looks and also comes with a extra feature of refillable Vape tanks while the third generation Vape mods are known for their variable voltage devices and mechanical mods. The fourth generation Vape mods included the temperature control units and ohm tanks. Since, the Vape mods are dependent on the power source hence the battery used in these devices has a very important role to play. Usually Vape mods come with lithium-ion battery which can be recharged. So, now do you know the types of Vape mods and all you need to do is now to find the one that is suitable for you.