Are You Addicted to Fantasy Football?

First and foremost I believe the main question you'll be able to ask yourself is after a fantasy game that is full is over, how much time does it take you to begin considering the waiver wire? Additionally, can you check every place on the waiver wire or perhaps those you need for the BYE players of the approaching week? Just how many times on Sunday do you assess your fantasy score? Just how many times a week can you speak rubbish online or in person to the folks the coming week, you are likely to play? OK so considering the waiver wire, is it checked by you Sunday night following the night game? If so, you are majorly addicted to skysupersix fantasy football. I am talking about actually? The Monday night game has not even occurred's not even MONDAY yet! Anyways, how many locations would you moving assess at that time? All of them mean you are addicted to the uttermost level. OK so exactly how many times does one check the score on Sunday? I believe the typical fantasy players check it between 1-5 times. The serious enthusiasts may assess 5-15. The enthusiasts assess it at least 20 times in one day. Last but not the very least, let us discuss trash. Now this part of the game does not mean as much as the others but more, as everything equals more hooked. It's OK to discuss rubbish one time, that is standard. It's NOT normal to discuss rubbish online, in a text message, AND in person. What this means is you are hooked in the worst possible manner and you also only might lose potential friend or a close friend over it. Not worth it. It is OK to be somewhat hooked as lots of leagues money with winning a cash prize in the finish based. Only do not take it overboard by being "that man" who'll set his team, lineup and positions over his personal life and real life friends.