Anita baker one of richest celebrity

Anita Baker is one of the great talented singer as well as song writer. She is also a composer and the record producer. She was born on 26 January in the year 1958. Her birth of place was Toledo which is in Ohio in the United States. Her nationality is United States of America. In her personal life she had married to Walter Bridgforth. She is having her two children namely Edward Carlton Bridgforth and Walter baker Bridgforth. Anita started her career in the field of singing in 1970s. She had also released her album The Songstress in the year 1986. Till dated she has won the eight Grammy awards, one gold credit and also five of platinum albums too. You can see more about her personal life on the link

In her life she was abandoned by her mother and was raised by the foster family. But when she was about 12 years her foster parents were dead and she was then grown up by her foster sister. The time when she was about 16 years old she had started singing song. After giving the performance bandleader David Washington discovered her and gave card to her to for the audition of funk band. Anita joined the group toured securing the deal with Ariola records in the year 1979. But after as Ariola bought by the Arista Records in the year 1979 and she was finally dropped by label and were finally convinced that Anita baker as group lead singer is not having the potential to become a great super singing star. But she didn’t give up and tried very hard to become the good and popular singer. She had never bothered about anyone else and was fully focused on her goal of her life. That made her in becoming one of the most popular celebrities of the world and the very large number of people knows her. She is also followed by the number of fans on twitter, facebook and MySpace. According the sources the net worth of Baker is about 80 Million dollar. To get more about her you can visit to link click here to get more information