All that you need to know about the variety and quality of Upholstery Leather

The leather is a flexible as well as durable material created by tanning animal’s skin and hides. Ii is generally produced in cottage industry and heavy industry. The leather is used for various purposes including clothing, bookbinding, for bags, wallpaper and furniture and seats. The leather used on furniture especially on seats (including car seats) is known as upholstery leather. By learning about the quality and differences of leather it will be easier for you to choose the right leather for your requirement. As this topic is focused on this Leather let’s have a look at the types of leather used for upholstery.

Types of Upholstery Leather

There are six main types of Upholstery Leather. Following are the list:

·         Full/Pure Aniline which is made of Full Grain leather

·         Pull Up Aniline made of Full Grain leather

·         Nubuck

·         Semi-Aniline made of Full Grain leather

·         Pigmented made of Full Grain leather

·         Corrected Grain

Characterization of the above types of leather

Full/ pure Aniline and Pull Up Aniline leather both have same characteristics:

·         Premium raw materials selected.

·         Most natural leather.

·         Warms to body temperature.

·         Soft and breaths well.


·         Suede-like finish.

·         Displays natural blemishes such as scars, production marks etc.

·         A variety of colors available.

·         Very susceptible to soiling.

·         Not appropriate for high traffic areas.

Semi-Aniline (Full Grain)

Tailor and mold to furniture shapes very well. Apart from that it is more or else same like the first two.

Pigmented (Full Grain)

·         High durability.

·         Finishes conceal natural marks.

·         Retain consistent surface texture over a long period of time.

·         A wide range of color palette.

·         Easy to clean and maintain.

As now you came to know about the various types of Upholstery Leather and their characteristics so choose wisely and enjoy.