About Burger King

Mobile payment programs happen to be increasing during the past year or two, and now the mixture is being joined by one of the largest fast food chains. Burger King, with more than 7000 U.S. places, will shortly start taking payments through the Compensations mobile payment app starting in April 2014. The fast food chain already has an e-wallet mobile payment platform but this program will improve that program. You can sell cell phones for cash, to get the money you need to update your old phone should you not already have a smartphone.

Exactly what the Program Will Supply A spokesman for Burger King, Bryson Thornton, said Tillster developed for them the program. Next month it will roll out. Here are a few of the features users are going to have access to: An coupons which is activated whenever money is added to or "recharged" to the related credit card Nutritional information from the menu of the restaurant An interactive map Down the street, Burger King expects to put in a feature which will enable customers to preorder their Burger King Coffee and pick up them at a subsequent time.

What Burger King Gets Offering customers any new convenience is consistently designed to improve business. Giving customers a number of ways to pay for their food means when they do not have specific means of paying individuals will not have to drive past. With increased selections, those customers pick up their meal can stop in and pay for it in just how that's quite appropriate for them. In addition to increased sales, Burger King intends to make use of information it receives regarding consumer customs. This information will undoubtedly be utilized to assist future marketing strategies are determined by the company.